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Hi, I’m Amie a 23-year-old girl who fell into recruitment through having a passion for hospitality.

At the age of 16 my mam forced me into the local hotel with my cv in hand and she left me there shaking with anxiety. To my horror I was met by a tall, stern and may I add extremely well-dressed man who studied my rather short cv and fired questions at me that I was defiantly was not prepared for. At the end of this quick-fire quiz, he said quite sharply ‘’come in Friday 5pm white shirt & black trousers ’’ and since that Friday I have never looked back.

This day was a pivotal moment in my life. I went into that hotel an anxious, awkward, girl who didn’t know how to speak up and had no confidence in herself and 4 years later I left a strong, confident, intelligent person who had developed skills that she had never dreamt possible.

That’s the thing about working in hospitality is transformative; it molds and strengthens you. You’re thrown into challenging situations that push your limits, and you encounter individuals who resonate with you deeply. Amidst laughter and tears, after enduring an exhausting 12-hour shift, when your legs feel numb, you reflect and realize: “I accomplished that.” It’s an exhilarating experience, where pure adrenaline surges through you.

During this time, I engaged with individuals from all around the world. By merely serving them every Sunday, ensuring their brown bread was toasted to perfection with raspberry jam ( never strawberry!), I forged meaningful connections. As they awaited the arrival of their friend, I’d already begun crafting their extra hot cappuccino, NO chocolate, and laid out their preferred newspaper. These moments became my Sunday morning rituals, intertwined with heartfelt conversations.

That’s the beauty of hospitality: the chance truly understand people, to bring a smile to their faces just by knowing how they prefer their toast. And that’s exactly why I’m drawn to recruitment.

Every day, I’m given the opportunity to meet individuals from diverse backgrounds, building relationships and forging connections. I empathize with our candidates because I’ve walked in their shoes, and I understand the challenges of managing a catering site firsthand.
After a crazy day where my colleagues and I have filled over 150 temporary vacancies, I reflect with pride, knowing that we’ve accomplished something remarkable.

After dedicating 6 years working in front of house roles, I now work behind the scenes giving our candidates the opportunity to challenge themselves, laugh, cry and grow.

So, I hope after this post you all feel like you know me a little better than my favourite hobby. (BTW It’s the gym) 😊

Linkedin: Amie O’Reilly