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Hi, I’m Bruna Darski, a 37-year-old Brazilian woman who made a big career shift from being a tax analyst in Brazil for 8 years to finding a fulfilling role in hospitality and recruitment in Ireland. I have a degree in Business Administration from Brazil and a Level 8 degree in International Business from Ireland.

After years of crunching numbers for a lift company and studying English in Brazil, I craved a new challenge. I wanted a job that involved more interaction with people. So, in 2017, I moved abroad to improve my language skills and explore new career opportunities.

To my surprise, I fell in love with the hospitality industry. My journey started in a charming French wine shop and bistro, where I had to interact with native English speakers just three months after arriving. Thanks to my patient and kind managers, I quickly learned the ropes, from pronouncing “cutlery” to carrying plates properly.

In 2019, I joined Heyday Group Recruitment as a part-time event staff, taking on roles like barista, bartender, and catering assistant. Eventually, I moved up to senior positions and became an events manager. I also worked part-time for two years at a well-known 4-star hotel in Dublin and another two years in a Michelin guide restaurant. Over time, my passion for hospitality grew even stronger.

While working part-time with Heyday Recruitment Agency, I often recommended friends for temporary jobs. My enthusiasm for connecting people with opportunities didn’t go unnoticed, and two years ago, I transitioned to a full-time recruitment consultant role at Heyday. This position has allowed me to combine my love for events and people, helping others find their perfect roles.

From my beginnings in Brazil to my current role in Ireland, I’ve found my true passion in hospitality and recruitment. I’m very proud of my journey and excited for what’s to come.

Here’s to many more years of growth and connection in this exciting field!

Let’s connect on Linkedin: Bruna Darski