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Irish cuisine has long been celebrated for its hearty flavours, rich history, and commitment to using fresh, local ingredients. Now, the culinary scene in Ireland is receiving even more international recognition with the recent announcement of new Michelin Stars bestowed upon three exceptional restaurants, along with the elevation of another to its second star.

Homestead Cottage in Co Clare, the Bishop’s Buttery in Co Tipperary, and D’Olier Street in Dublin have all received Michelin accolades for their exceptional culinary offerings. From rustic charm to modern sophistication, these restaurants showcase the best of Irish flavours with innovation and finesse.

Additionally, Terre in Castlemartyr, Co Cork, has achieved the remarkable feat of earning its second Michelin Star in just a year, a testament to its dedication to culinary excellence.

For these talented chefs and their dedicated teams, receiving a Michelin Star is not just a professional accolade but a culmination of years of hard work, passion, and dedication to their craft. As Chef Vincent Crepel aptly puts it, being awarded a second Michelin star is the realisation of a lifelong dream – a testament to the unwavering commitment to excellence that drives the culinary scene in Ireland.

As we celebrate these remarkable achievements, it’s clear that the future of Irish cuisine is brighter than ever. With each new Michelin Star, Ireland solidifies its place on the world stage as a culinary destination not to be missed. Congratulations to all the talented chefs and restaurants recognised this year.