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2024, new year and certainly a new beginning. January 29/01 see’s the re-branding and launch of our business. Formerly well known as Caterwaiter recruitment, we now move forward as Heyday. After over a year in the planning with many ups and downs, thankfully more ups, we are excited, nervous, optimistic and looking forward to next chapter in our company’s history.

So why now and why Heyday? Caterwaiter started out as a laptop and a mobile in a sitting room 16 years ago. From a rocky start with learnings that no degree could teach you, Caterwaiter started to get on its feet and gratefully established strong links with clients who are still with us today. Through developing those relationships many clients began to approach us about different roles both temporary and permanent within their organisations. Candidates that collaborated with us and moved to different sites brought us with them, introducing established relationships to new partners.

As the business grew, the scope of roles we recruited for widened. This planted the seed for a rebrand to better reflect the company and its ethos. As these ideas started to materialise and move from thoughts to paper and planning in late 2018/ early 2019 along came Covid. None of us need reminding of this time. We were faced with two simple options, to close or to re-imagine ourselves. Thankfully, we chose the latter. While undoubtedly the most testing time in our story, Covid would eventually present opportunities we had not seriously considered before. Hospitality demand ceased yet demand for cleaning staff and services exploded. Through our network we began supplying a number of healthcare sites with facility support and eventually healthcare workers. This in turn lead to an early re-entry into hospitality recruitment with the placement of hospitality staff in healthcare locations.

With the rapid economic recovery in 2022, planning for the rebrand took flight. While Caterwaiter became an industry recognised and respected organization within hospitality recruitment we felt the need to re-energize the brand to reflect the growing diversification in our offering to clients and candidates alike. We wanted to mark our near miss during Covid with a brand that speaks of opportunity, professionalism, freshness, and excitement. A time in a company’s or persons best days, its best offering and a compelling journey, their HEYDAY!

Throughout my career with Caterwaiter, the most lasting impression I will carry with me is the opportunities it has presented me with meeting so many people from all walks of life and varied backgrounds, a truly enriching experience that again only life can teach you. As Heyday emerges, we carry with us that sense of connection, engagement, and development of those relationships.

A client asked me would the re-brand move us away from hospitality and our origins. Quite the opposite in fact. To quote Will Guidara from his Ted talk on unreasonable hospitality ( a talk I highly recommend you watch, regardless of profession ) “ …that means whether you’re in real estate or retail or construction or finance or insurance or computer services, you do the same thing for a living as I do…you’re in the business of serving other people”

So, while our name and brand are evolving our core beliefs of serving our clients and candidates the best can too, will remain in the principles of the service industry.

Thank you.
Andrew Duffy
Managing Director